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Self Storage Hints And Tips In Bakersfield, Ca.

When it comes to your storage needs, finding the right solution can be a cumbersome process that can get unnecessarily stressful. And packing isn’t as simple as filling a box. Instant Mini Storage gives you the best hints and tips for you to pack your stuff in the fastest and most efficient way. Protect and organize your belongings with our self storage insights!

Hints and tips to maximize the space of your self storage unit

Label It!

Staying organized is key. Apply this during and after your move. Keep a permanent marker handy!

Cover and leave nothing exposed.

Don’t let your belongings get dusty, fill your boxes to max capacity when the items are light. Half empty boxes need to be stacked over fuller, more sturdy boxes. Foam peanuts come in handy when you need to protect fragile items that break.

Even out the weights

It is always recommendable to distribute the weight in boxes evenly. We recommend you to put the heavy stuff in the bottom and the lighter items in top.

Packing Books?

Pack them flat to avoid damaging their spines. Try not to fill the entire box with dense books, it makes it harder to lift.

Plan Ahead

Moisture absorbers, deodorizers and/or vermin bait to protect your belongings need to be considered if trying to keep your belongings safe.

Place the largest items against the walls.

Frequently used items should be near the entrance of your unit.

Valuable items should be stored furthest from the entrance or the unit, preferably out of view.

Leave an aisle in your unit for easy access.

Fill 'em up!

If storing furniture drawers, shelves and even refrigerators, take advantage of their inner space. Fill up all the drawers with cloth, books and small boxes.

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